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Daniels Den

Daniel Den is based on the premises of a retired grandfather who vow never to co-exist with teenagers. He is forced back into working when his daughter decided to drop his granddaughter off at his house for him to take care of her. When he thought things could not get any worse, an Indian man moved in next door that sets Daniel off daily.

Burning Bridges

Shawn’s passion for the arts inspired him to write and produce his first feature film, Burning Bridges. In Burning Bridges, Shawn deals with many issues that families experience such as forgiveness, family secrets, healing from past hurts, and so much more.

When Heaven Invades Earth

When Heaven Invades Earth, is based on a family experiencing unprecedented peril knocking at their door. The family is immediately thrown into total disarray, while other unfortunate events occur, causing an unfamiliar intervention that will either bring a new level of clarity of why? Or cause a total collapse of the family. Only God can tell!!


Shawn R. Hutchinson

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