Shawn Hutchinson


Few people have the true ability to inspire change in others which in turns help them become better productive members of society; This is one of Shawn Hutchinson’s many unique abilities.

Shawn Hutchinson

Author. Filmmaker. Entrepreneur. Mentor. Playwright. Producer. Speaker. Youth advocate. Committed family man. Shawn Hutchinson, above all, is a “Magnificent Man” of God.  

Shawn attended Housatonic College, where he earned a degree in Business Administration. From there, he matriculated to Pace University – one of the nation’s finest universities – to study Finance.

The Secret Of The Ambitious Mind

Activate your ambitious mind | Cultivate change | Elevate your future

“Shawn has established himself as a Trendsetter for Transformation in the U.S. as well as in the UK.”

After working in the banking sector for over fifteen years, Shawn felt an incredible sense of unfulfillment. He yearned for an opportunity to merge his education with his purpose and passion to help others. He left the banking industry and ventured into the private sector, founding The Formula Group, an entertainment production company in Atlanta, Georgia. True to form, Shawn assuages his passion and purpose with his production company, as a hallmark of The Formula Group is utilizing undiscovered talented thespians in its productions. Through The Formula Group, Shawn also published his wildly popular, powerful book, The Secret of the Ambitious Mind, a blueprint for people to activate their ambitious mind, cultivate change, and elevate their future. He also wrote, produced, and directed the stage plays, Karma, When Heaven Invades Earth, and the television series, Daniel’s Den, as well as wrote and produced the feature film, Burning Bridges.

In addition to running The Formula Group, Shawn is also the Chief Financial Officer for The Magnate Group Inc., the largest black-owned service provider for AAA Automotive Club.

Shawn has a unique ability to impact all those he encounters. A well-known speaker on the international circuit, he eagerly shares his gift with the world. He regularly mentors youth and provides them with employment and training opportunities through his various enterprises. A reflection of his dedication to the youth can be seen in his own household: he published his son, Jadin Hutchinson’s first book, Just Imagine It, which was written when he was just 12 years old!

Shawn Hutchinson is a visionary man of action who has no plans of slowing down any time soon. “Make your mark by creating your own path,” he says. That is just what Shawn Hutchinson is doing.  

The Rise Of An Entrepreneurial Empire

The Formula Group

The Formula Group (TFG) is a multi-faceted company founded by Mr. Shawn Hutchinson, Chairman, which focuses on solutions and strategies to build stronger families.  TFG is focused on providing individuals as well as families with tools needed to motivate, equip, and transform lives through training, personal growth and development. We create personalized programs and initiatives to build communities one family at a time.

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