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Shawn R. Hutchinson 

Hutch & Hutch Productions

At Hutch & Hutch Productions, our unwavering commitment is to motivate, equip, and transform lives, highlighting the significance of community building through the transformative influence of the arts. Across all our productions, spanning stage plays, sitcoms, and featured films, our mission is to exemplify robust family and individual values, shaping a positive impact on society.

When Heaven Invades Earth

When Heaven Invades Earth, is based on a family experiencing unprecedented peril knocking at their door. The family is immediately thrown into total disarray, while other unfortunate events occur causing an unfamiliar intervention that will either bring a new level of clarity of why? Or cause a total collapse of the family. Only God can tell!!


What Goes Around Comes Around…the sum of Karma’s actions becomes both the judge and jury of the man that trashed her love and derailed her ambitions.

Burning Bridges

Shawn’s passion for the arts inspired him to write and produce his first feature film, Burning Bridges.  In Burning Bridges, Shawn deals with many issues that families experience such as forgiveness, family secrets, healing from past hurts, and so much more.  

What People say

“Shawn Hutchinson is brilliant at inspiring through his leadership platform as an established Author, Writer, Director and Speaker! His journey alone has not only been an inspiration to witness but to myself be continuously empowered by! I look forward to bringing his radiant energy and presence around my Actor students as he truly is a genuine example of what a Successful mind and spirit exemplifies!”

Jonna Johnson


“I believe each and everyone of us was put on this earth for a purpose.  I further believe God gave each of us an assignment.  I know from personal experience God doesn’t give us assignments that he has not first prepared us to perform or given us the tools to complete.  Sometimes those tools come in the form of angels he sends to walk with us on our journey, to guide and encourage us.  I have had many angels over the years but the most memorable and most outstanding is Shawn Hutchinson.”

Arlita Carter




Shawn R. Hutchinson

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