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Shawn is an author, award-winning filmmaker, entrepreneur, a man of action, mentor, playwright, producer, speaker, youth advocate and last but not least family man. When collaborating with Shawn expect substance, real life experience, and passion. In doing so, it allows these individuals to embrace a positive self-image, set goals and dream big. Shawn Hutchinson has this unique ability.

The Secret of the Ambitious mind

By Shawn Hutchinson

“The Ambitious Mind not only confirms that you are on the right path, but it also challenges you to be even greater than you suspect you ever will be. You’ve always known you had the tools for greatness; just never knew what to do with the ideas, the vernacular, and the blueprints that you possess. It’s time to connect the dots. It’s time to carry out the plan God had for you from the moment He called you into existence. It’s time to activate your “ambitious” mind.”

Anatavia M. Benson, English and American Literature, Harvard University

A Shawn Hutchinson Film



Tiffany Roberts

This drama follows the picture-perfect life of The Bridges Family which suddenly tailspins into turmoil when several, unforgivable dark secrets surface. The result is a family on the verge of walking down the path of heartache and destruction. Will they survive the implosion that is about to happen or will it be the total demise of The Bridges Family?

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When collaborating with Shawn expect substance, real life experience, and passion. These things allow Mr. Hutchinson to help others in ways that are difficult for some because it is not so easy to relate to individuals to activate their capacity for leadership and excellence. Here recently, his bestselling book Real Men Can Wear Pink that is endorsed by NBA star Dominique Wilkins as “A Must-Read.” There is also his first feature film, Burning Bridges has been adapted for the big screen and is currently available on DVD. In addition, Mr. Hutchinson recently released his hit stage play KARMA “what goes around comes around” on DVD and is now touring his latest stage play When Heaven Invades Earth “Live Life”.

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