The sum of Karma’s actions becomes both the judge and jury of the man that trashed her love and derailed her ambitions.

Play Dates: 16 September 2017

Porter Sanford III Performing Arts & Community Center, Decatur , GA


Karma draws you into the life of a beautiful young woman who made an ambitious vow not to fall victim to the status quo. She has seen her mother and siblings become single parents after the men in their lives abuse their love and destroy their relationships. Her attempt to break the vicious cycle is derailed. After she falls in love with Mr. Perfect who turns out to be, Mr. Empty Promises; now with a vengeance, she makes one last effort to have him redeem himself, and after he fails to do so, she carries out a ruthless plot to destroy him. “No deed good or bad goes without a reward.” WHAT WILL YOUR REWARD BE WHEN KARMA PAYS YOU A VISIT?

Karma’s Stage Play

Karma’s Red Carpet