Meet the Man Behind It All

Who is Shawn R. Hutchinson?

Shawn above all is a “Magnificent Man” of God, author, award-winning filmmaker, entrepreneur, a man of action, mentor, playwright, producer, speaker, youth advocate and last but not least family man. Mr. Hutchinson is aclearer than they had before. In doing so, it allows these individuals to embrace a positive self-image, set goals and dream big. Shawn Hutchinson has this unique ability.

Shawn does all that he does while standing firm on his faith and holding true to what he values. He is a man who many respect and holds in high regard due to his humility, honesty and his willingness to remain as transparent as possible. He is an open book who wears his integrity as a badge of honor. Mr. Hutchinson is American by pledge, Jamaican by birth and again ALWAYS a Man of God first! He prides himself on remaining humble, making sure that he never forgets the roads that lead him to his current path as he embraces his different paths along his journey.

Shawn’s vision and mission are clear. Helping others achieve success in life is deeply rooted in the self-starter approach that he implements. When educational systems, financial institutions, organizations (such as Webster and the Gwinnett County School System), and local community members are looking to elevate their impact and make a difference in their community and with those around them. They look to those who can truly help in facilitating that desired outcome.  Fortunately, repeatedly they have turned to Shawn Hutchinson, to deliver personal development training/coaching to their teams. Whether he’s guiding youth toward educational success or coaching adults in the necessary areas of life, Shawn’s message of making an impact through personal transformation transcends the generational gap. As an entrepreneur, mentor, playwright, producer, speaker, youth advocate and family man.  Shawn has established himself as a Trendsetter for Transformation in the US and the UK.

Mr. Hutchinson’s, commitment to youth empowerment brought about one of his passion projects The Xperience (his non-profit). The Xperience is broken up into I Choose Me for the young women and Bros Impeccable for the young men. I Choose MeBros Impeccablein regards to empowering their counterparts’ young women. While they too love themselves, The Xperience as a whole teaches that without exception, we all have the ability to transform weakness or distress into strength, power, peace, health, and wealth through the flow of positive energy. “Your thought’s can become your reality.” The Power of Positivity, the philosophy strongly shows that the mind possesses the ability to imagine, visualize and create dreams that manifest into  reality. That in its self is powerful! Knowing your self-worth enables you to unleash your true potential.

When collaborating with Shawn expect substance, real life experience, and passion. These things allow Mr. Hutchinson to help others in ways that are difficult for some because it is so easy to relate to individuals to activate their capacity for leadership and excellence.

Shawn’s own life has been filledy age 21. Here recently, his bestselling book Real Men Can Wear Pink that is endorsed by NBA star Dominique Wilkins as “A Must-Read.” There is also his stage production, Burning Bridges has been adapted for the big screen and is currently available on DVD.

For those interested in the strategies Shawn used to reach these milestones those and more are revealed in his book, The Secrets of the Ambitious Mind, out now.These are two you do not want to miss.